Your journey to success doesn't have to be lonely

We are a community dedicated for female entrepreneurs and aspiring founders to connect, learn, and grow together in a supportive space. Because when women support other women, great things will happen.


Your journey to success doesn't have to be lonely

We are a community dedicated for female entrepreneurs and aspiring founders to connect, learn, and grow together in a supportive space. Because when women support other women, great things will happen.


Only 20% of startups are led by female founders

So it isn’t always easy to find your tribe. You know there are other female entrepreneurs out there, but where? All you seem to find are “boys clubs” where deals are made over beers and business cards exchanged at golf games.

 If you are tired of

✔️ Feeling like the only female in the room

✔️ Not getting the support you need to thrive

✔️ Hearing ‘you should just do what ____ did’

✔️ Being asked to fit a mold that just doesn't work for you

✔️ Working twice as hard to get half the recognition

✔️ Having no one to talk to about the unique struggles and joys of being a woman in business

We feel you girl! 
And you are in the right place!

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back


A community where ambitious women like you can..

❤️ Grow your business 
❤️ Find your tribe 
❤️ Become the boss you’re destined to be

Athena Founders Club is a mission-driven, go-getting community that’s got your back. Whether you own a start-up, run a small business, freelance or are interested in taking the leap into entrepreneurship, we’re here to help you achieve your full potential.

Our mission is to provide a safe, supportive, and empowering space for entrepreneurial women to connect, inspire and scale. 

We're based in Lisbon, Portugal, but our door is open for female entrepreneurs worldwide. You can access all of our online resources from anywhere in the world.


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Lifetime access to our Q&As, workshop, blogs, and open dialogue with industry experts, delivered monthly

Peer-to-peer support from your business besties

A safe place to share your challenges and successes with your assigned accountability group

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Access to a library of tools and templates to help your business thrive

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Lissele Pratt
& Priska Oroz

Hi, we're Athena Founders Club co-founders, Lissele Pratt and Priska Oroz! We're two friends who shares the same vision and experienced the same entrepreneurship struggles, and we're now on a mission to help women launch and grow their epic businesses.

There were times when we had no idea where to turn to and ended up feeling isolated, overwhelmed, and burnt out. But here's the secret… The road to success doesn't have to be lonely. It can actually be fun, freeing & fabulous!

The entire process is so much easier when you're surrounded by people who share your same mission. Our goal is to build a truly inclusive platform, both online and offline, where women entrepreneurs can come together to share experiences, knowledge and resources, and thrive in their businesses.

We've been on:


Proven ways to set your goals and achieve them like a boss

In this workshop, Lissele shares how to set goals and objectives, break them into manageable tasks, increase productivity, and create a personal mission statement to help guide you to achieving your goals.

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This is the right community for you if

You're ready to build on something amazing, and you don't need anyone's permission

✔️ You're done with feeling like you have to play by someone else's rules

✔️ You want to grow your network and find a tribe of women who will have your back

✔️ You believe women should support one another, both personally and professionally

✔️ You want to grow your successful business and ready to level up your skills and knowledge



I love that Athena keeps me organized and accountable. The bi-monthly sessions are there to give me a sense of how I'm doing, what is working and what I need to do better. The accountability program is really helpful and it's just what I need.


The community is amazing, I'm so grateful to be here getting more and more support from people who really care. It's a great place to reach out to for advice, and I have learned so much from other Athena members that I've been able to launch my own business!


It's a very comprehensive package that provides everything you need to be successful. It has the tools to help you really grow your business, but also the support to help you when you need it. I'm having a blast with Athena Founders and have already seen results.

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